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Frequently Asked Questions

WHIITE LIST (noun) a list of brands and places that are acceptable, trustworthy, luxe and ‘cool’ for modern mamas... as well as being invited to the most exclusive of events!
Essentially the opposite of blacklist!

WHIITELIST is an aspirational destination for luxe life and style lists for millennial mothers...or women who just like lists!
You’ll find Pinterest- worthy teethers, minimalist nursing chairs and Penthouse suite stays in New York with a 2-month-old, all on WHIITELIST.

Watch my video 47 random facts about me on my YouTube channel to learn more about me.

WHIITELIST with 2 ‘i’s?
Yes, you can never have too many vowels. Simi without 2 i’s would be just S and...as I said you can never have too many vowels.

When was WHIITELIST born?
Like Her Majesty the Queen, WHIITELIST has 2 birthdays, the day of birth 05/04/2015 and the day that it was no longer enjoyed by only me, the 19/02/2016. Read more about WHIITELIST’s conception here

I sign off as SAL, my friends and colleagues call me SAL and everything is monogrammed SAL, it’s just me...Simi Atanda Lindgren. Mr.L’s wife, Chance’s mummy read more here

How often do you post?
I aim to post at least once weekly, following a theme of Motherhood on Monday, Travel on Tuesday, Interiors on Wednesday and Youtube video on Thursday.
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Are you Swedish?
No, I am not Swedish, Mr.L is and our family is mixed...mixed British Nigerian-Swedish a trilingual household. I am however a SWAG, that’s a Swedish Wife and Girlfriend.

Does your site use cookies?
WHIITELIST does use cookies (as do most websites you’ll visit) there is a lovely notice at the top of the page that informs you of the use of cookies by Google in line with the European Union Laws.
Now, have you seen Rosie, The Londoner’s gluten free triplechocofudge avocado cookies?

Which breed of cat is Aoki Lindgren?
Aoki is a Russian Blue, born in May 2010...she’s a Gemini.

Are you a minimalist?
Mr.L would say that his life’s purpose is to make me a minimalist (he’s Scandi what do you expect) I, on the other hand, would say that I love the minimalist aesthetic, our home is designed that way although I have some ‘maximalist’ tendencies, but that’s fine as our home is all white! Ha! Sneak peek of our home here and Chance’s minimalist nursery

I’m a brand or PR, and we’d love to work with WHIITELIST?
WHIITELIST loves to work with brands and PRs as we have done here to the benefit of the WHIITELIST readers. Not everything will suit WHIITELIST, but please send me an email here and I promise to respond either way.

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