PR Samples

whiitelist.com has a mixture of products which I have purchased myself, and PR samples which have been sent to me. All opinions stated are my own; products that are featured which have been gifted will be discussed openly and honestly.

Collaborative (sponsored) Posts

You will often see posts tagged “collaboration” and found in the category collaboration. These posts will have a disclaimer at the bottom stating to which extent there is a collaboration i.e. payment for a post. As above I talk about products open and honestly, and if the product doesn’t fit with whiitelist.com and/or I wouldn’t use it, it will not be featured, so as to maintain the integrity of whiitelist.com

Image and content copyright

Everything you see on whiitelist.com has been created by me (Simi Lindgren) unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without first asking my permission here or back-linking to whiitelist.com  

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